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Grade 1 Premium Saffron (Bulk)

Grade 1 Premium Saffron (Bulk)

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• GRADE 1 SUPER NEGIN SAFFRON THREADS - Our SUPER NEGIN Grade Saffron. 100% Pure and Fresh Threads in Standard Food-Safe Tin Packages. Hand-picked Saffron Comes Directly from Farms. Golden Saffron is the real taste of saffron with no impurities, additives, MSG, or toxins.

• LAB TESTED IN USA AND NON-GMO VERIFIED - Golden Saffron is Lab Tested in the USA with ISO 3632. Our saffron got the highest levels of Crocin (Color 280+ ), Safranal (Aroma 37+) and Picocrocin (Flavor 99+). Golden Saffron is Non-GMO Project Verified.

• GOLDEN SAFFRON IS PERFECT ADDITION TO ENHANCE ANY RECIPES - Golden Saffron can be used to add fantastic taste, color, and flavor to any dish. Our saffron is perfect for Tea, Paella, Pasta, Lamb or Chicken Tagine, Biryanis, cakes, Moussaka, Saffron Aioli, Puddings, Rice, Curries, Stews, Casseroles, Risottos, Chicken kebab, Golden Milk and any other recipes.

• 100% PURE AND FRESH - Golden Saffron is completely natural and does not contain any forms of artificial preservatives. It is 100% organically produced and carefully harvested by hand, and packaged in food-safe tins for maximizing the freshness and shelf life.

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Grade 1 Premium Saffron (Bulk)

Grade 1 Premium Saffron (Bulk)
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The fragrance of Golden Saffron Threads reminds natural and pure scent of old oriental sunshine spice. There will be an enchanting aroma filling your kitchen.


The vibrant, glowing hues of Golden Saffron Threads can naturally color your dishes. A pure crimson spice derived from ancient oriental flowers.


Golden Saffron Threads do not contain any additives and are 100% pure. Moreover, our flash drying method preserves the natural fragrance and flavor of saffron.



Our saffron has no preservatives and additives. It's 100% pure, unadulterated, and naturally hand-picked.



Golden Saffron mission has always been delivering an UNMATCHED QUALITY in this huge market.

  • We provide the highest quality saffron available worldwide.

    Our Saffron is a deep, crimson red with those fresh stronger red tips, ensuring quality and taste. Aroma is always strong and fresh. No saffron debris at the bottom of the container, meaning every leaf was hand-separated with care. No other plants mixed in with the red saffron threads. Its all same color, strong red. Always Flash-Dried and fresh, sourced directly from the original location of the first saffron flower. Saffron threads are dry, keeping moisture out of the bottle and prolonging life.


    Saffron threads are light red and have no orange tips - signaling food coloring and dye. Aroma is musty and acrid. Their debris at the bottom shows they used machines to pick and separate stigmas, sacrificing quality and freshness. Competitors use extra plants to weigh down the bottle and charge more for the extra “weight”. Artificial saffron fields have been found which grow inferior plants to be used during saffron offseason. Saffron is wet and moist, creating a musty smell and creating a much earlier expiration date.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the benefits of Saffron?

    Saffron is a powerful antioxidant. It has been linked to many health benefits, such as improved mood and enhanced weight loss. Saffron can be added to your daily diet to benefit from it.

    Is Golden Saffron Non-GMO?

    Golden Saffron is Non-GMO verified. We value our customers, and we want to ensure that we're delivering quality beyond compare. With more than two decades of experience and perseverance, we proudly provide the Highest Quality Saffron available on the market.

    In what recipes Saffron can be used?

    Saffron can be used in most dishes, depending on personal taste. However, it's best-known to be one of the main ingredients of Spanish and Middle Eastern foods, such as Paella, Saffron Chicken Korma, and Saffron Risotto. It can also be used in the bakery for cakes and bread.

    Can I use Saffron to make drinks?

    Saffron is perfect for making exquisite and delightful drinks. Saffron Golden Milk, Saffron Honey Rum, and Sparkling Saffron Cocktail are a few of the many elegant beverages made using Saffron.

    What are the differences between Super Negin and other types of Saffron?

    Super Negin is the rarest and the highest quality of Saffron in the whole world. It is the tip of each Saffron thread, which is entirely hand-picked by local experts. Super Negin Saffron is also flash-dried to preserve the heavenly aroma and taste of Saffron.