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The Benefits of Saffron Extract

The Benefits of Saffron Extract

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Nowadays, herbal medicines have been prevalent because they have no side effects compared to chemical prescriptions. Scientists have been paying more attention to the health benefits of saffron extract, which is used as traditional herbal medicine. Saffron extract is a rich source of multiple active ingredients that have been used to treat various diseases and improve senses. Saffron supplements have demonstrated potentials in reducing appetite and aiding weight loss, improving mood and treating depressive symptoms, reducing PMS symptoms, treatment for insomnia, improving eyesight, etc.


1. Reducing Appetite and Aid Weight Loss

Being overweight and obese are the most common worries in the world. Most people want to be in shape and control their appetite. Weight loss and natural appetite suppressants can be the practical results of taking saffron supplements. Although scientists are unsure how saffron extract curbs appetite, they think increasing the feeling of satiety might be one of the reasons behind the weight loss effect and food craving. It is said that saffron supplements can help to boost mood and fuel the hormones that signal that you've had enough and you should stop eating anymore. Snacking is also a kind of habit and emotional hunger that might put people at risk of gaining unwanted weight. Some experiments have shown that taking the saffron extract for eight weeks can help lose weight as it is a natural appetite suppressant and hunger blocker. The reduction in BMI, waist circumference as well as total fat mass are mentioned as benefits of saffron extract consumption.


2. Improving Mood and Treating Depressive Symptoms

Depressive symptoms such as anxiety, stress, and low mood have been prevalent in all walks of life. Side effects of pharmacological treatments, including becoming addicted and dependent, nausea and drowsiness, are reasons for avoiding chemical prescriptions. On the other hand, a traditional remedy, the saffron extract, is well-known for mood-boosting and antidepressant properties. According to studies, anxiety is highly likely to be alleviated after taking saffron supplements for six weeks, and its positive effects on social relationships ratings are believed. These findings are interpreted as enhancement in depression following by taking saffron supplements throughout a six-week period.


3. Reducing PMS Symptoms

Some disorders associated with females, such as Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS), can be mollified with the help of saffron extract. PMS is a widespread condition that impacts more than 90 percent of women's feelings, physical health, and manners during certain days of the menstrual cycle, typically before their menses. Most women suffering from PMS experienced positive effects after taking saffron supplements for eight weeks. Reducing the frequency and severity of PMS symptoms such as irritability, headaches, cravings, and abdominal pain are known to be the positive effects of taking the saffron extract. Saffron supplements are shown to help women presumably through serotonergic mechanisms by decreasing women's cortisol levels and increasing their estrogen levels. So, taking saffron extract could be an invaluable addition to the wellbeing toolkit of women who struggle with Premenstrual syndrome.



4. Insomnia Treatment

These days, life has become more and more hectic, and most people, especially adults, have some problems with sleep. As people are more concerned about their health, they prefer to take traditional herbal medicine rather than sleep pills which lead to dependency. Scientists have suggested consuming saffron can address this issue and ease the process of getting to sleep. While the mechanism of saffron supplement action is unknown, they think taking saffron extract can enhance the quality of sleep for those struggling to get a decent rest. A controlled study on a group of people who suffer from sleeplessness found that saffron extract can activate the sleep-promoting neurons and inhibit wakefulness-promoting neurons. Sleep improvement is shown after taking a 14mg dose of saffron supplement twice daily. During the first week of consumption, they experienced some changes in the quality of their sleep, and the final result emerged after six consecutive weeks, which led to an increased time in bed.


5. Improving Eyesight

Another benefit of saffron supplements is their ability to improve eyesight in the elderly. Research done by an eminent professor revealed the positive impacts of the saffron extract on the genes that regulate the eyes' essential vision cells. Protecting against oxidative stress and free radical damage is the mechanism of saffron extract in order to enhance eyesight. Saffron can improve visual acuity as well as sensitivity to light, and as a result, saffron extract plays a vital role in vision enhancement.

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