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Golden Saffron GABA + Saffron Extract

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Why do we have poor sleep and morning grogginess?

Sound sleep needs a calm mind and a good mood. Due to our work schedules, daily chores, stress, and anxiety, we cannot slow down our overthinking minds.

 Due to overactive brain and neurotransmitters, we have disturbed sleep and morning grogginess.

Never take sleeping pills and pharmaceutical drugs. They are harmful to overall health. (There is a 3000+ yr old natural remedy!)

People try to solve their sleep problems with pharmaceutical drugs that are toxic and harmful to overall health. 

 Even so-called 'natural' sleep supplements have harmful ingredients. 

 We should avoid such sleep supplements and pills at all costs.

 But did you know…

 Nature has provided an ancient herb that naturally induces sleep and improves mood. This herb can help you have a sound sleep naturally and wake up refreshed and energetic.

 This natural 3000+ yr old herb is Saffron!

We solved this problem by formulating natural Golden Saffron Extract.

Golden Saffron has discovered a unique, holistic system to promote healthy sleep and calm the brain naturally. 

 Saffron is a 3000+ yrs old herb found in India, Spain, and Greece and earned its popularity in medicine and spice.

 It is a powerful antioxidant that can improve mood, reduce stress, and balance blood pressure naturally. Saffron is proven to increase serotonin levels (Our happiness hormone). 

 GABA is one of the major inhibitory neurotransmitters produced naturally inside the brain. GABA brings a calming effect that can reduce overthinking and supports the health of the nervous system. The deficiency of GABA can lead to anxiety, stress, depression, sleep problems, and memory problems.

 We created a unique and powerful combination of Golden Saffron GABA + Saffron Extract that to helps improve your mood & sleep naturally. 

Golden Saffron GABA + Saffron Extract Benefits

• Golden Saffron GABA contains 950 mg of GABA and 50 mg of pure and natural Saffron Extract, ideal for creating a potent sleep-enhancing supplement. This scientifically-backed formula can help you sleep soundly through the night and also improve your mood and focus.

• Golden Saffron GABA is enriched with 50mg of Saffron Extract, stabilizing mood and feelings and promoting well-being. In addition, GABA brings a calming effect that can lead to reducing anxiety. Therefore, Golden Saffron GABA can effectively improve mood and create a night of healthy sleep.

• The saffron extract presented in Golden Saffron GABA also helps maximize its effectiveness by increasing energy and serotonin levels naturally. This way, saffron can help improve mood, boost energy levels, reduce stress, and balance blood pressure.

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Golden Saffron GABA + Saffron Extract
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The ability to function well throughout the day depends on getting enough quality sleep. It seems that low GABA levels correlate with sleep problems. Golden Saffron GABA, with its calming properties, helps induce a sound sleep throughout the night.


Do you suffer from anxiety? Golden Saffron GABA is an anxiety management supplement that decreases neuron excitability to promote the relaxing sensation. Also, the presence of saffron in this product targets mood-related factors to bring you the best results.


With targeting the central nervous system, GABA helps improve focus and the relaxing effect. Also, Saffron supports the brain's serotonin levels, a helpful substance in regulating mood, happiness, and anxiety. Golden Saffron GABA is powerful supplement in improving brain functions.

Advanced Relaxing & Calming Blend



How to use Golden Saffron supplement


We want to provide our customers with healthy, all-natural alternatives to pharmaceutical products made out of top-quality ingredients that will help them feel like their best selves. Our products are manufactured with the utmost care, and our goal is maximum customer satisfaction.


We want to make a footprint in the health market with our completely natural products and remedies, catered to enhance your health naturally. Here at Golden Saffron, our experts are devoted to finding the most potent and effective formulas for our customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is GABA?

GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) is a naturally occurring amino acid in the brain. It is one of the major inhibitory neurotransmitters in the central nervous system and has been found in several peripheral tissues. By inhibiting certain signals in the brain, it provides an anti-anxiety effect and enhances sleep quality.

What is the best time to take GABA?

The best way to use GABA to enhance sleep quality is to take it 30 minutes before bedtime. Moreover, it is best to take GABA supplements half an hour before eating to ensure that they are as effective as possible. GABA can also help bring about calming and mood-boosting effects; therefore, splitting the doses into two portions during the day is highly recommended.

What are the symptoms of low GABA?

GABA, as the chief inhibitory neurotransmitter, can help reduce neural excitability by inhibiting nerve transmission. GABA deficiency can lead to significant nervous and neurological problems such as anxiety, chronic stress, depression, sleep problems, and memory problems.

Why is Golden Saffron GABA unique?

Golden Saffron GABA is our scientifically-backed product with highly natural and pure ingredients. In addition to GABA, it contains pure saffron extract which promotes a balanced mood and boost energy naturally. Like our other products, it does not contain any fillers or binders.

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